Gina Schmitz

Otago Experience: 4 years

Total Experience: 4 years


  • Pavement structural evaluations
  • Pavements research and development

Gina Schmitz

Pavement & Structural Engineer

B.Sc.RWTH (Civil Engineering), MEngNZ

Gina is an intermediate engineer based in our Cromwell office. She has expertise in pavement structural evaluation, pavement research and structural engineering. Recent work has involved the evaluation of high-speed pavement testing data, development of optimised forward work programmes for network owners, and structural engineering of buildings in Central Otago.

Contact Gina regarding:

  • Pavement structural testing
  • Forward work programmes for asset owners
  • Pavement research proposals
  • Structural engineering design

Branch: Cromwell
DDI: +64 3 466 3709
M: +64 2 237 6206