Leon Gerrard

Otago Experience: 3 years

Total Experience: 8 years


  • Rock slope engineering
  • Rockfall protection works

Leon Gerrard

Engineering Geologist

BSc (Geology), PgDip (Engineering Geology), MEngNZ

Leon is an intermediate engineering geologist based in our Queenstown Office. He has contracting and consulting experience undertaking geotechncialĀ investigations and assessments in difficult terrain, slope stability assessment and remediation, and rockfall protection works. He has undertaken rockfall protection and cliff face stabilisation works in the Port Hills following the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence and more recently on SH1 and SH70 following the 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake.

Contact Leon regarding:

  • Rockfall protection works
  • Soil and rock slope stabilisation
  • Difficult access sites (rope access, confined spaces etc.)

Branch: Queenstown