We model and assess surface and groundwater for projects of all scales

By understanding the water processes on their site, our clients are able to quantify the water resource for its sustainable use, manage flood risk and dispose of stormwater safely. Our clients include property developers, farmers, irrigation providers, local and regional councils, and private clients.

We take small and large dam projects from initial feasibility through to commissioning.

  • Evaluation of irrigation needs and development of efficient storage options
  • Geotechnical investigation and design of dams
  • Dam breach flood modelling using HEC-RAS for Potential impact classifications (PIC)
  • Project management, construction monitoring and commissioning reports for new dams
  • Operations, Maintenance and Surveillance (OMS) manuals and Emergency Response Plans
  • Dam safety reviews for existing dams

We analyse catchment behavior and river processes to determine how these interact with the natural and built environment.

  • Assessment of catchment behavior and flood forecasting
  • Flood modelling using HEC-RAS or other software
  • Floodbank assessment and design
  • Design of river protection and flood mitigation works
  • Minimum floor level recommendations for buildings
  • Alluvial fan/debris flow hazard assessment and modelling

Our groundwater engineers and scientists provide:

  • Technical evaluation reports to support resource consents
  • Site permeability and soakage tests for stormwater disposal
  • Groundwater modelling using Visual MODFLOW Flex (VMOD)
  • Facilitation and analysis of aquifer pump test
  • Design of water bores (wells)
  • Construction dewatering design

Our qualified water engineers have experience with local and national irrigation schemes and provide:

  • Scheme feasibility assessments
  • Detailed design and modelling of irrigation networks
  • Review of extensions or planned upgrades
  • Pipeline and infrastructure design
  • Geotechnical investigation for proposed schemes