Pavement Testing and Analysis

The Auckland Transport HSD contract is a large 3-year (+1+1) data surveying contract consisting of two main parts:

· Falling Weight Deflectometer data collection and analysis of 24,000 FWD points each year

· High Speed Data collection and analysis of 6,300 lane km (first year) and 9,000 lane km in each of the following years

A contract this size needs consistent project management and reliable communications between the consultant and the client to achieve efficiency and the highest quality data and reports delivered on time. Likewise, a high attention to Health and Safety requirements and issues is required to ensure a smooth workflow and timely outputs.

GeoSolve collects and calculates the following parameters during the surveys:


· Roughness

· Rutting

· Texture

· Transverse Profile


· Road Geometry


· Full deflection bowl

· Standard Deflection

· Curvature

· Structural number

Pavement Testing and Analysis

Key Staff

Graham Salt

Graham Salt

BSc (Geology), BE(Hons), ME, PhD, CPEng, IntPE, FEngNZ Technical Director
Dave Stevens

Dave Stevens

BSc (Computer Science, Mathematics) Pavements Team Leader
Anne Hughes

Anne Hughes

BA (Communication Studies) Pavements Commissioning & Scheduling